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Gum Disease: You Can Prevent It! [VIDEO]

Many dental patients in Burnaby believe they have perfect oral health. However, at Lougheed Mall Dental Group, we see many patients who are suffering from gingivitis and gum disease  without even realizing it. Puffy, red gums that bleed could mean you have gingivitis....

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Oral Health Care: Is Nail Biting Really Bad for Your Teeth?

We all know that nail biting is a bad habit, but do you know why? The dental team at Lougheed Mall Dental Group in Burnaby want to clarify why this habit is so  detrimental to your overall oral health. Nail biting is a common habit within certain age groups, including...

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How To Prevent Gum Disease In Your Pregnancy

If you're pregnant and wondering what effect your oral health might have on your unborn baby, the dental health experts at our Burnaby dental practice want patients to know the facts about how oral health can impact pregnancy. There has been evidence that shows a...

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Is Thumb Sucking Dangerous To Your Child’s Oral Health?

It is common for parents to wonder whether it is bad for kids to be sucking their thumbs or fingers. Lots of households have at least one "thumb-sucker" and we at Lougheed Mall Dental Group at Lougheed Town Centre in Burnaby are here to set the record straight about...

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Dental Veneers: Whitening Teeth for a Winning Smile

In existence for over 30 years, dental veneers are still not commonly understood or utilized by many dental patients in Burnaby. While most people have heard of whitening teeth with bleach treatments, they are not aware that they are being exposed to the bleaching...

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Happy Holidays from Lougheed Mall Dental Group

  Need help preparing for the upcoming work functions, dinner parties and holiday photos? Book an appointment at our dental clinic today to brighten, straighten or whiten your smile into the New Year! For more information, please contact us today!

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Smile Correction 101: Fixing a Gummy Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry has become increasingly more accepted for patients thanks to popular reality shows that focus on dramatic smile makeovers. Dental patients in Burnaby are beginning to understand how easy it is to create their ideal smile with the available cosmetic...

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All I Want For Christmas [Song Lyrics]

Can you remember back to a time when you had a very simple request for Santa Claus? Please Santa, I'll go without the toys on my list if you please, please give me my two front teeth this year? The holidays are a great time to get together with family and soak up all...

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