Have you ever experienced an excruciating toothache? If you answered yes, you know throbbing tooth pain is impossible to ignore.   Thanks to Lougheed Mall Dental  Dental Centre’s extended hours and  Sedation Dentistry, we make it our priority to have you out of pain  in a hurry!

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Many people experience and even try to live with tooth pain due to their phobias of visiting the dentist which usually stem from traumatic experiences with previous dentists.   The fact of the matter is, the cause of dental pain can vary from a cracked tooth to a cavity or exposed root to gum disease. The latter being the most serious cause of pain, which often leads to overall heath problems, bad breath or a compromised smile.

Toothaches or tooth pain can be so severe that you become debilitated by their persistence.   Our Burnaby dental clinic is committed to providing pain free dentistry solutions which provide immediate relief to our patients experiencing emergencies. This commitment reaches beyond treating your oral health problems, into a genuine care and concern for your quality of life and ability to reach your full potential.

Pain around the teeth and the jaws can even be symptoms of  heart disease like angina or heart attacks,  or infections of the ears and  sinuses  such as inner ear infections and sinusitis. If such is the case with your particular tooth or jaw pain, we would be happy to refer you to a specialist who can assess and treat your particular illness.

Dental emergencies, however painful and unfortunate, are a reality our team are well prepared to attend to. With  extended evening and weekend hours  and sedation dentistry, our expert dentists have the skill and compassion to solve your dental emergency swiftly, comfortably and efficiently!

Call Lougheed Mall Dental today to enjoy the benefits of a pain-free, vibrant and healthy future.