Patients who undergo cosmetic dentistry almost invariably report huge changes in their confidence. Feeling free to laugh and smile without worrying about the appearance of your mouth can make life so much more enjoyable. Further, cosmetic dentistry is becoming more innovative and effective, so there are many good reasons why it is worth investigating any cosmetic procedures offered at your dentist’s office. Here are five of the very best.


1) Cosmetic dentistry can reveal a whiter smile

Whitening treatments will typically last for up to six months if you opt to have them done at your dentist’s office. If you have naturally yellow teeth or can see grey stains beginning to appear after years of drinking tea and wine, whitening procedures can transform your look.


2) Cosmetic dentistry can compensate for lost teeth

Implants look almost identical to real teeth, and they are supported by a solid artificial root that means that they should last a lifetime.  Alternatively, you can opt for dentures (which are removable false teeth that are supported on a metal framework) or choose bridges (which are false teeth that your dentist will fix onto nearby teeth).


3) Cosmetic dentistry can straighten a crooked smile

If you have always wanted a dazzling, symmetrical smile, a cosmetic dentistry specialist can help. You can pick traditional wire braces that will slowly realign your teeth over a couple of years, or you can choose clear, almost invisible braces like the ones offered by Invisalign practitioners. The latter types of braces can also be removed when you want to eat, brush or floss.


4) Cosmetic dentistry can give you healthier looking gums

If you are concerned about the appearance of your gums, laser procedures and surgical treatments can make your gums look fuller (or change their structure in a way that minimizes their appearance).


5) Cosmetic dentistry can undo the damage caused by bruxism

If you have shortened teeth due to a lifetime of grinding your teeth, your dentist can offer you a form of cosmetic dentistry called a bite reclamation procedure. This procedure will make your teeth look longer by altering their vertical dimension.