When you constantly grind your teeth and clench your jaw, you can experience damage to your teeth as well as pain of varying degrees. Most dentists will recommend that you obtain dental night guards that can protect your teeth from grinding damage that has the potential to crack or break your teeth completely. Dental night guards that are customized to fit the individual’s teeth wear better and so, they last longer than the ones that are available in stores.


What Is the Difference Between a Night Guard Made by a Dentist and the One You Buy in a Store?

Two major differences account for the fact that dental night guards made by a dentist wear better than those purchased in a store (boil-and-bite styles). Typically, professionally made dental night guards are made from stronger materials that withstand constant grinding better than the ones bought from a store. They are usually thicker as well, so it takes longer to wear through them. The other difference is that dental night guards made by a dentist are fabricated to form an impression of the patient’s teeth. This means that they fit better and less wear-and-tear occurs.


Will Customized Dental Night Guards Last Longer Than Over-the-Counter Ones?

In general, customized dental night guards last longer than over-the-counter ones because they are made from stronger materials. However, the fact that they are crafted to fit the wearer’s teeth comfortably and as closely as possible also helps to keep them in good condition longer. A poor fit causes dental night guards to wear out more quickly, creating thin spots that eventually turn into cracks or holes.


How Can I Get My Dental Night Guards to Last Longer?

In addition to cleaning and caring for your dental night guards properly, you can also bring them to your annual visits with your dentist. At that time, your dentist can examine your dental night guards to ensure that they fit properly. If it looks like your night guard has changed in shape, your dentist can assist you in trying to get the proper form back. To do so, he will use the boil-and-bite method.